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Vast Industry Expertise

Our team is comprised of experts from a variety of professional backgrounds, particularly the finance industry, experienced in corporate restructurings of public-listed companies in Indonesia and Singapore. The team has advised and executed on major transactions in Finance, Property, Water Treatments, Energy, Agriculture and Technology.

  • Vast Industry Expertise
  • Value Driven Investments

    We aim to generate superior returns, through the secondary share purchase of mid-to-late stage, pre-IPO companies at attractive valuation. Bright East Investments add to the ecosystem development by providing liquidity to early investors, founders and management teams in an organized manner.

  • Value Driven Investments
    • We are an
      Active Investor

      Bright East Investments focus on financing growth, cross border transactions, recapitalization, restructuring, acquisitions and special situations opportunities across the region. Bright East Investments has developed proprietary sourcing networks, extensive structuring capabilities and is regarded as a reliable and trusted source of finance in the absence of traditional funding.
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      Bright East Approach

      The investments are mostly self originated, US$ denominated, high yielding, medium to long term, secured by fixed or financial assets, and with influence to the business through operational or financial covenants.
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        Industry Leader

        Bright East Investments target the sector leaders at their growth phase, without the capital risk associated with earlier stage funding.

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        Structured Approach

        Through rigorous and disciplined due diligence, we seek to achieve attractive risk adjusted returns, primarily through direct equity and/or instruments with downside protection.

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        Seeking Value

        Our investment process takes a bottom-up approach, seeking to uncover those opportunities with real potential. Our size and reputation ensure that we have first-rate access to firms, through structured meetings and regular conversations with key decision-makers.

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        Vast Network

        We share investment insights across teams, asset classes and global locations, using a global communications platform based on regular meetings, video conferences and a variety of proprietary analysis and information management systems.

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        Rigorous Control

        We place great emphasis on internal investment and risk management processes and controls, fostering a consistent internal culture of high professional standards and integrity at all times.

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      Give us a call or drop us an email, we endeavour to answer all enquiries within 24 hours on business days.